The Orchestra

Welcome to my website…

I am a kinetic artist from Kamloops, British Columbia, creating sculptures, mainly from recycled materials or found objects. Through my past travels and school connections in Central America, I developed a fond appreciation for the imaginative and whimsical folk art of the people there, and that certainly influenced my own artistic endeavours. I have no formal training in art, but enjoy the many challenges of telling a moving story  using gears, cams, pulleys and cranks.

Please visit my portfolio to view my work. There you will find dates and locations for exhibits. Visitors are encouraged to turn the cranks and watch the scenes come to life! 

My kinetic sculptures are not for sale, but are donated to schools or charities for them to use or sell. A few have been auctioned with funds going to the Kamloops Food Bank.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a themed sculpture  created for your school, charity, or community  organization. If you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you!

Coming Soon…

The upcoming Soapbox Science Community Outreach event, led by Dr. Allingham of TRU Chemistry, Dr. Cheeptham of TRU Microbiology, and TRU research student Leah Rousseau will be at KAMLOOPS FARMERS MARKET on Saturday, June 15 from 9 to 12 am.

Please feel free to visit and learn about the exciting research happening in the TRU science labs, see some giant microbes and interact with kinetic sculptures.